ICON SMART 2021 :: International Conference On Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Applications, Research, and Technology 2021

Dies Natalis LX
Universitas Sam Ratulangi
in Collaboration with
Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana
and Universitas Cenderawasih
The 2nd International Conference On Natural Sciences,
Mathematics, Applications, Research, and Technology
( ICON-SMART  2021 )
Virtually, 21 - 22 October 2021

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Theme:  Materials Science and Bioinformatics for Medical, Food, and Marine Industries.
Dr. Deuk-koo KOH

Water Resources Engineering
Past President of K-water Institute
Vice President of Dongbu Engineering, Ltd. Co.

Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. Koh is a Vice President of the Dongbu Engineering Co. Ltd. He was born on August 2, 1956 in Seoul, Korea. He and his wife have a son with his wife, no grandchildren, yet.

He got his Ph.D. on water resources engineering from Seoul National University in 1989. Afterward, he conducted a research on the application of coastal model to simulate the flow velocity at the closing gap of embankment at the Seamangem Land Reclamation Project, one of the world largest land reclamation projects, still undergoing in Korea, for his post-doctoral study at Seoul National University during 1989-1992. In 1992, he became an invited professor of the Chungbuk National University. Afterward, he joined the Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water) in 1995 and was involved in the national project to develop the WAMIS (Water Resources Management Information Systems) from the beginning stage in 1997 until the system operation was transferred to the MLTM (Ministry of Land, Transportation, and Maritime Affairs) in 2006. He developed the Water Resources Unit Map as a national standard water information framework. He also conducted several national projects as a team leader to develop the RIMGIS (River Information Management Geographical Information System) and flood risk maps, while adopting LIDAR technology into those projects, that was at a very early stage at that time.

Above information systems are now inevitable systems for water resources and flood disaster management in engineering and academic fields as well as in the water resources management authorities such as Han River Flood Control Office and K-water. He served as the director of the Hydroinformatics Research Center during 2005-2008 and the Water Resources Research Center during 2010-2011, and the Executive Director of the K-water Institute during 2012-2013. K-water institute has the roll of research and technology development comprising the fields such as water resources and quality management, water infrastructure, water works and water quality inspection, green energy and policy for not only K-water, but the Korean government also. During 2014-2015, he contributed to the successful 7th World Water Forum as the Secretary General of the Korea Water Forum. He has wide range of engineering experience on water resources management through huge number of research projects.

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